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Viewing Encrypted Strings with Ansible

Ansible Vault Overview Ansible Vault is an invaluable tool to use in conjunction with Ansible. In short, vault allows you to encrypt and password-protect information. In theory this should let you store secret information in source control, that can only be decrypted by someone with the password used when created. To illustrate. Lets say you were storing secret information in a file called vaulted_vars.yml: ╭─dirtyonekanobi@dirtyonekanobi ~/projects/sandbox ╰─➤ cat vaulted_vars.yml --- secret: password super_secret: passwordpassword ultra_secret: password1234 To encrypt the file using vault, you would enter run the ansible-vault encrypt command, and enter the password:

Ansible vs Terraform

Objective This is a placeholder to hold myself accountable for writing this post. In this post (or series of posts) I will document my experience using Ansible and Terraform for setting up a complex AWS envionment. TL;DR There was pain to share on both sides :)